I am a PhD candidate in labor and public economics at the Paris School of Economics. Here you can find my research, my policy work, my contacts and resume (academic and one-page).

News from me

I will be on the academic job market this winter. The first version of my Job Market Paper is just out!

My job market paper, titled "What Do NEETs Need? The Effect of Combining Activation Policies and Cash Transfers" first investigates the effect of jointly providing active and passive labor market policies. I exploit a large French program for disadvantaged NEETs, Garantie Jeunes. I develop an extension of recent methodological innovations in the field of diff-in-diff, where I "roll" over a third dimension. I find that activation measures compensate for negative effects of lock-in, implicit taxation from cash-transfer phase out, and disincentives to work by the cash transfer.

JMP updated draft

My paper "Did Covid-19 hit harder in peripheral areas? The case of Italian municipalities" got published on Economics and Human Biology

In this work, joint with Francesco Armillei (Bocconi University) and Thomas Fletcher (University of Edinburgh), I analyze the geographically heterogeneous impact of Covid-19. Exploiting a triple-differences methodology, we find that in Italy Covid-19 hit relatively harder in peripheral areas: the excess mortality in peripheral areas was almost double that of central ones in March 2020 (1.2 additional deaths every 1000 inhabitants). We leverage the rich dataset of the Local Opportunities Lab to explore mechanisms behind this gradient.

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